Through intentionally straightforward and minimal body wear, okko empowers all women to declutter in more ways than one — starting with the top drawer. 

M.S. Skincare

M.S Skincare is Modern Ayurvedic Living. Our luxury skincare and lifestyle brand is built on the core belief that we all have the power to make a difference with our choices

AMB Designs

AMB Designs is a contemporary women's line founded in 2003 by Chilean artist and designer Ana Maria Bartley. Ana creates artful "second skin" tops that are flattering for any body type. 

A.N. Other

The plot is simple,

A. N. OTHER offers the most exciting perfumers in the world an unlimited budget and unrestrained creative freedom to create their best fragrance. Ever.

Foxtail Goods

Foxtail Goods largely uses botanical ingredients to create a beautifully complex color palette. The cashmere is ethically sourced, and conscious methods are utilized when using traditional dyeing techniques.

Torii Labs

Torii Labs is a plant medicine company creating herbal elixirs that balance build and brighten the body and mind. Our products are caffeine free, vegan, non-GMO and we use wildcrafted herbs to maximize potency purity.

Pure SOL

The konjac sponge is detoxifying, exfoliating and cleansing without any harsh additives or unpronounceable ingredients.  

Simple, natural, multitasking and not crazy expensive! 

High Heel Jungle

A luxurious, fashion-forward women’s sock line designed to elevate a woman’s mood and her everyday dressing. 

Designed with the belief that what we wear has the power to not only uplift our spirits but also change our destiny.

Kara Yoo

Kara Yoo began in 2012 with a minimal, clean aesthetic focused on wearability and thoughtful material choices. All jewelry is designed by Kara and most pieces are hand crafted in-house with responsibly sourced and recycled materials. 


Offensive+Delightful believes what is important is that we all support each other, love each other, and make each one of us feel like we matter. Laughter is a great way to do that. Olga hopes that her work will bring a smile to your face and to your customers.

Você Haircare

In this carefully curated haircare brand, the choice of clean ingredients for the brand is designed to reflect the healthy California living. Kaz has devoted his life experience in the hair industry to develop the best sustainable vegan hair products. 

Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson aspires to simplify your jewelry collection by offering unique, geometric hand hammered precious metal staples to last a lifetime. 

Since 2015, the collection has stood the test of time and is loved by women that appreciate high end craftsmanship and design. 

The Perfect V

The Perfect V™ product line is pure, indulgent pampering and love for your “V.” It is a multi-tasking luxury skincare formulated to rejuvenate, enhance and beautify the “V.” It’s PH-balanced, dermatologist and gynecologist tested - clean beauty and paraben-free.

Tribe Alive

Tribe Alive empowers women around the world to find financial freedom through safe and meaningful employment at living wages. Our model is moving the fashion industry toward a more humane approach, where the Earth and the maker are valued equally to the customer.

Always Coco

My goal with is to make a small footprint in the world of simplicity & simplified thoughts and do it through the topic of fashion.


Founded by a family of third-generation jewelers, Nacre Watches engineers classic timepieces that awaken a signature style to stand the test of time. 


Sistine holds a fresh take on clean skincare—approachable, affordable, whimsical, and crafted for skin rituals. The gist—skin synergy forms the basis of Sistine’s philosophy. 


Letter To Juliet (L.T.J) is creating the most Jean essentials at the best factories in L.A. The fashion label  merges West Coast and Italian cultures, creating a day-to-night wardrobe with effortless femininity.


Sustainable products. Crafted for good.

CASUPO creates one of the most environmentally conscious and durable goods in the USA. 

Lindsey Lewis

Lindsay’s minimal yet interesting work celebrates independence from expectations. Bold geometric lines flow and move to create timeless designs that outlive every trend. 


Luxury athleisure for powerful women everywhere. A woman run, women led brand, Alala offers a sophisticated yet bold take on activewear.

Alala represents modern women that live our lives with the audacity to think we can do and have it all.


Inner beauty radiates from within, and there’s nothing more beautiful than when a women feels beautiful on the inside. 

Every single product is created with a purpose. They are designed to make your life better and make you feel even more beautiful.

Electric West

Electric West is a small, woman run company, based in San Diego's Art + Design district, in Little Italy.

We separate ourselves from the world of "fast fashion" and believe in workers earning a fair, living wage. 


State-of-the-art luxury clothing to keep you on-the-move and looking sharp. Buki's desk-to-dinner styles are sustainably-made with state-of-the-art Japanese fiber technology, fabulous fits, and travel-ready comfort.


KITSCH is an accessory powerhouse offering unique and quality products across beauty, fashion, home goods and more. KITSCH is a self-financed, female-owned company that has evolved into a global lifestyle brand.


EAT & DRINK, BETTER. At W&P we make food and beverage essentials that empower you to live your best life, today.

Graphic Image Inc.

Customers are passionate about these products. They recognize their value, utility, quality and always, their style. While all products are consistent with regard to the first three of these, style is almost always about the leather. 

Neva Opet

Neva Opet offers original, handmade bags and accessories crafted by hand in small batches out of Atlanta, GA. We believe in simplicity of design and excellent craftsmanship.

Beat it up and wear it forever!


 D/IR has been in the market for years studying the female body in order to find the best fit and comfort, there is wide variety of designs that play with the versatility and a large range of colors. All of our designs are ethically made in Colombia. Our velvet pieces are a must have!

Life Clothing Co.

We are a family owned business and we make everything in our local community.

PNW minimalist

1051 North State St.